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Colors of My Life

Dresden Meyer. Private awesomesauce. I'm weird, love music and am passionate about writing. Hmu if you're down for a bike ride.

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Don’t be worried

Don’t ever be scared

I just want you to know

That I’ll always be there. 

When you feel angry

I’ll calm you down.

And when you’re lonely,

Know I’m always around.

If you feel that you’re weak,

I can make you strong.

I know the power of this feeling,

And it can never be wrong.

Don’t fear the hand

Of any stranger

Because I would die

To keep you from danger.

Write me a letter

Send me a note

Give me your heart

And I won’t let it go.

Come into my arms,

Come into my home.

I’ll keep you safe from harm,

And take you for my own.

When life has knocked you down

And you don’t want to care

I’ll just care for you

And I’ll always be there.

If your light has gone dim

And your lantern is fogged

I can see right through the haze

And I’m drawn to you, like a moth.

If you can’t see your way,

Because you lantern’s not clean,

I will polish each pane of glass

And show your fire, for all to see.

If your spirit is crushed

And you’re torn apart,

I will assemble the pieces

And illuminate the dark.

If you think you will fall

I know that you won’t

Because when I first held you,

I never let go.

But if we do fall

We’ll fall together

But we’ll fly away,

Two birds of a feather.

If your heart is a puzzle

Then show me your soul

I’ll take both our hearts

And make them one whole.

Don’t cry at all

Don’t shed a tear

You’re gunna be alright

Now that I’m here.

3 years ago
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